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3D Glasses-Free Gaming Laptop

Our Liquid3D glasses-free laptop is designed to bring PC gaming into a whole new dimension. The capability of “True 3D Depth” provides a genuine immersive experience for hardcore gamers and enhances gameplay like never before.


In addition to playing games, the device can playback your favorite 3D videos as well as turning presentations into 3D. You can even view your 3D models with more depth before sending them to 3D printers.


3D Glasses-Free 15.6" Mobile Monitor

Our Liquid3D mobile monitor is the first monitor that is capable of displaying 2D, 3D, as well as 2D and 3D simultaneously all without the need for special 3D glasses. It is truly the best 3D display experience on the market.


Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, animator, or simply enjoy 3D movies, Liquid3D's mobile monitor will satisfy your 3D needs and all without the need for those annoying 3D glasses.



Liquid3D Product Features

3D Glasses-Free LCD Display

We use a special 15.6” LCD display that has 3 distinct display modes.  The monitor has 2D, 3D glasses-free, and 2D+3D glasses-free window display modes that can be readily switched between each other.



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3D Camera Tracking System

There is a custom designed camera that is embedded into the monitor.  The camera is used for 3D tracking of the viewer’s face to optimize the 3D no-glasses effect and quality. 




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3D Applications and Usages

With our 3D glasses-free monitor we include a 3D control tool, which enables our monitor to work with ANY software application that can display 3D content in side-by-side format.  That includes your favorite media players, webpages, and of course PC games.


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