3D Applications and Usages

3D Video and 3D Images
Our monitor comes with 2 software applications. The first application is a 3D media player that playback 3D videos and 3D images. The second application is a 3D control tool that allows the user to manually control the monitor's display modes. The control tool allows you to use any playback software of your choosing to view 3D videos or images. To find instructions for these applications and to download the software please visit our Downloads page.


3D PC Gaming
Gaming is an excellent application to experience no-glasses 3D. Our monitor has the capability to play most mainstream PC games without the need for glasses. To play 3D games you will need to ensure that your PC game is a DirectX based game and that you have installed a 3D game driver that can support the 3D side-by-side format. For more details about 3D game drivers and to download a trial version 3D game driver please visit our Downloads page.


Compatibility with Other 3D Software Applications
By owning our Liquid3D monitor combined with our 3D control tool, you will have the power to make any 3D capable software application work in glasses-free 3D mode. A 3D capable software application is simply ANY PC application that has the ability to display its content in a side-by-side format. For more details please visit our Support Services page.

For more technical details please refer to our Support Service Center's FAQ
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