Liquid3D launches 15.6” 3D Glasses-Free Laptop for Hardcore PC Gamers
October 15th, 2014

The very first consumer product launched by Liquid3D is a 15.6” Glasses-Free Laptop for Hardcore PC Gamers and 3D Professionals is available now this month in China, Taiwan, and the UK with Japan and US market to follow before the end of this year. The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 CPU and a powerful NVidia discrete mobile graphic card that can support all of the most popular PC games on the market.


Ikiria Partners with Liquid3D to provide an end-to-end solution for viewing flat DICOM images in 3D
August 17th, 2014

Ikiria’s flagship product Ayra is able to instantaneously convert a set of flat DICOM images from MRI / CT scans into a complete and precise 3D model which can be viewed on Liqudi3D’s products providing medical professionals with valuable visual information before conducting medical surgeries. You can find more information about Ayra at .


Liquid3D Partners with 3D-HUB to bring 3D glasses-free displays to the Education Market
January 9th, 2014

We are proud to partner with 3D-HUB, a software company specializing in bringing 3D interactive content into the classroom to facilitate stronger engagement and better memory retention for students K~12. You can find more information about 3D-HUB at .


Liquid3D Launches 3D Glasses-Free Mobile Monitor for Content Creators and Enterprises
July 12th, 2013

Liquid3D has pre-launch its first 3D glasses-free mobile monitor into Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan to exclusive customers. The product was designed for professionals in the 3D industry. Visual presentations, 3D content viewing, and 3D gaming are among the many applications that the product is capable of enhancing.


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